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To count everything in the business of day-to-day delivering process like the supply of fresh vegetables, milk from district to district and a night onto morning delivery then fleet management is a must service in these mini-autos, tempos, trucks, lorries and so on with a GPS vehicle tracking system that showing the live location of a vehicle to the registered person. On commercial use to say not only in the logistics, delivery service, supply chain management system, automatic tractor function in agriculture, JCB machines, Crane operating vehicles, school bus and other light motor vehicles such as tour operators, individual taxi or cab services, self-drive cars and autorickshaw services uses the GPS tracking system more effectively on for different purposes. To concern, the same scenario for the personal use of tracking a vehicle such as a car, SUV, MUV types of four-wheeler and scooters, motorbikes that reduce earth’s global warming depend only upon this vehicle tracking system. The hardware part concern is over, but what it may be in the case of software to track a vehicle – to say there are two dedicated ways one can search their vehicle on a live maps GPS location along with data service through online developed secured platform in computer browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, etc and dedicated smartphone application with more 98.99% accuracy.